Totawell provides an array of activities which are proven by research to help in the betterment of mental well-being. These activities are organised once every week, 45 minutes each.

  • Mental health awareness

On our first contact with the employees,  we will provide a general overview and the rationale behind our services. We will also conduct a motivational interview which will  aims to enhance the employee engagement with our services.

Furthermore, Certified training sessions/lectures to increase awareness, will be conducted on monthly basis afterward. This includes, presentations and distribution of printed materials. A collaboration with mind organisation, mental health foundation who are well known to deliver awareness sessions and training to employers and employee in workplace.

  • Meditation

Meditation or  mindfulness therapy emphasises on the practice of making the mind calm. This helps  to relieve stress and enhance the inner peace and relaxation, thus promoting mental well-being. This is widely supported by evidences to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety .

  • Yoga session

The implementation of yoga has shown to improve personal scores of well-being and depression. Yoga is an effective way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Yoga practice also provides meditative and soothing state of mind. It is safe, free of side effects and empowering people. The practice of Yoga can be a great distraction from worry as it forces the mind to attend to the body and the breathing; the moment.

  • Laughter therapy

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”. It has been studied and researched that laughter is a great medicine to promote mental and physical well-being. Laughing can be beneficial even when someone is feeling low. It can change the mood instantly.

Laughter therapy is a practice that involve prolonged voluntary laughter. This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. It is done in groups, with eye contact, jokes and playfulness between participants.

  • Art therapy

Art therapy helps people to express themselves creatively while dealing with stress, grief and loss. It helps to release trapped emotions which can heal the mind, spirit and body. Art therapy will be monitored by qualified therapist who will encourage and guide the process of expression and healing. There is no need for previous artistic talent to join these sessions. Art Therapy may include song writing, music performances, vocal or musical improvisation, drawing. Common goals of art therapy include relaxation, stress relief, and providing insight on emotions.

  • Problem management coaching

Problem management strategy will enable participants to tackle specific problems they may encounter. This technique will simulate Bowen et al’s method of solving problems . Through this sessions, individuals will prioritise their problems as solvable, unsolvable and unimportant in order to develop solutions.

  • Social and interactive sessions:

Evidence shows that good communication and relationship with wider communities are important for mental well-being. Social connection with people going through similar conditions from the same adversity and age bracket could help people to feel more secure and supported, and help them to engage with the community, increase the productivity in workplace, and build their mental well-being and resilience.

  •    Support groups

This service will focus on providing a support group that is led by employee to support each other. Each support group can involve from 3 – 10 people and will be held on a regular basis, weekly/monthly. This also may involve sometimes matching people from other companies that we have contract with (out of work time) and it will be supervised by licensed specialist. The aim of the support groups to help people feeling more secure and supported, not feeling isolated or alone, helping them to cope with their situation.

  •    The counselors:

This service focus on providing personalised support for employee who are in need for one-to-one specialised support for their mental health and well-being. The counselor will be a specialised psychologist who have experience in dealing with individual problems and conditions. The counsellor will help people going through adversity how to cope with their situation and teach them strategies that benefit their well-being.

  •    The online platform (to be consider later on)

Our online platform  will provide an innovative way of support by providing the services to the employee of the company that are registered with us to use our services 24/7. This will include providing support group online, meditation, booking appointment with our counselors online etc. This also includes 24-hour support following strict confidentiality.

  • Inspirational quotes

This is an exciting addition to all our services. Sometimes, it is hard to maintain balance and not get knocked over in the process. It can be equally hard to remind ourselves our temporary letdowns don’t define us. Indeed, it is easy to get caught up in overwhelming despair. We will provide some inspirational quotes to each employee, at their desk once a week to give them motivation, make them feel special and help them maintain balance on daily basis.

Policy Analysis

Analysing the initial mental health status is absolutely necessary because this will help compare the changes and also help in providing the […]

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